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Macquarie Cotton Growers Association (MCGA) represents growers and others involved in the cotton industry across the Macquarie Valley.  Our role is to support our members by being a representative voice to both the industry and wider community.   Our dedicated committee consists of a cross section of those involved in the cotton industry and aims to deliver a united and influential voice to the peak industry bodies as well as share knowledge and seek feedback from our wide member base on key issues.

Our Membership is comprised of members who grow irrigated and dry land cotton. We also have Associate members who are industry and businesses key to or reliant on the cotton industry.


As a Macquarie Cotton Grower or Associate member, your voice is important in our collaborative efforts to tell our story, solve issues or challenges, and progress the cotton industry in our region. As part of this strategy we have embarked on a targeted community engagement plan for the industry and to improve our ‘social licence’ in the wider region.

Our member benefits are:

  • Invitations and involvement in field days, the awards night or golf days hosted across the Macquarie Valley.
  • Use of the MCGA marquee and BBQ trailers to support your local community events, or for your personal use.
  • Access to data from weather stations and inversion towers (Grower benefit only – via login).
  • Access to a secure section of our website and key industry facts and figures to effectively advocate for the industry.
  • Access to the cotton grower network across the Macquarie Valley, the committee will call on members to voice issues and gain feedback for the industry bodies.
  • Receive industry updates, research information and communications from Cotton Australia and other industry bodies.
  • To voice issues or concerns to our executive to action.  
  • Be a part of a targeted communications campaign focused on promotion of the cotton industry via online, print and media aspects.
  • Access to the Spray Order books or digital spray order forms, as requested.

Goals of the MCGA


We facilitate the opportunity for growers and associate members to connect with other cotton growers and industry representatives in the region through our calendar of events. MCGA connects grower and associates with the research and development trials, as well as provide direction and ideas for other relevant trials in the Macquarie Valley.

Be informed

Be up-to-date on all local cotton industry issues. The MCGA will do the legwork for you, and deliver news and information straight to your email.  Sign up for your e-newsletter. Our Committee works closely with the Cotton Australia grower representatives, CSD and Cotton Australia board members to ensure they represent and advocate for our Grower and Associate base at the industry level.


Expand your involvement in the cotton industry with your MCGA membership and opportunities to collaborate with MCGA partners: Cotton Australia, Cotton Research and Development Corporation, Crop Consultants Australia, and CottonInfo. The success of MCGA is based on a collaborative approach to working with Members and Associates.


Membership fees (incl. GST)

Full Cotton Growing Member:     $330 

Non Cotton Growing Member:    $105 

Associate Member:                      $155 

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